Mandi’s Blog

Organize your photos!!!

I had two totes of photo albums.  They’re heavy and clunky!  I don’t have room for them so I’m now putting them in these boxes which each one can hold 100 photos and it protects […]

#10poundchallenge: where it all began

10 years ago I made Weight Watchers Lifetime.  Basically you can go to meetings for free if you’re within 5 pounds of your goal.  Well I’m far from that.  This week I found the picture […]

Vanessa’s Blog

The “Normal” List

To paraphrase Dave Hollis (the divine Rachel Hollis’ husband), it’s time to start thinking about what to add back to our “normal.” Pre-pandemic, I was barely keeping my head afloat with commitments from my spiritual […]

Mothers’ Day Made Simple

Public Service Announcement: Mothers’ Day is SUNDAY!!! US Foods did a survey of 2000 moms across the country to see what they really wanted for Mothers’ Day this year. You can check it out here. […]

4-Way Stops & Animal Webcams

Right about now, you’re wondering how 4-way stops and animal webcams go together. Follow me on this little trip. It’ll pay off. My drive in to work each day (yes, most radio people are considered […]

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