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Mixing with Mandi: Crustless Pumpkin Pie

oh I love this.  I’ve made various recipes for a Weight Watcher’s Crustless Pumpkin Pie but thought this version was light and fluffy.  I ate the whole thing in 3 days. don’t judge me.  haha […]

Vanessa’s Blog

The Reading Pile

Do you have a “reading pile?” Mine’s a stack of books and/or magazines that I’m working my way through – some for the first time, and others for the how-many-eth time. This is the pile […]

Treat Yo’self!

You hear alot about self-care, don’t you? You take care of others, but you’re not taking care of yourself. The [correct] theory is that you can give of your best to others if you are […]

The Tweens

At the start of last week, I made a note in my journal to see what I could learn from the kiddos I would be spending time around – a cross country meet + junior […]

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  • Woodstock by the numbers
    Fifty years ago, over the course of three days, the Woodstock festival changed pop culture forever with unexpectedly massive crowds and iconic performances from some of the biggest acts of the day. So, in honor of the festival’s golden anniversary, we’re taking a look back at how things came together — and why we’re still […]
  • Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys’s husband, says hip-hop industry lacks compassion
    Iconic hip-hop producer and Alicia Keys’s husband, Swizz Beatz, isn’t afraid to tell his guy friends he loves them.
  • Queen Latifah on racism: ‘We’re America. Let’s act like it.’
    “Through Her Eyes” is a weekly half-hour show hosted by human rights activist Zainab Salbi that explores contemporary issues from a female perspective. Queen Latifah has a straightforward message on racism: “We’re America. “People need to be educated, because they need to understand that we have all contributed to the success of the United States […]