Mandi’s Blog

Info you want to know: stimulus checks

Hey after a friend text me about the $1200 check many Americans will get I went to the Irs.gov website.  There is a whole page dedicated to Coronavirus Stimulus.  You won’t need to do anything […]

Need a Job? (my former side hustle)

Hi, for the past couple years I’ve done some side hustling for a company called Front Row Productions sampling food at local Targets and Walmarts.  They pay the Friday after you upload required pictures and […]

Mixing with Mandi: Whipped Coffee

This sounds like fun especially in quarantine.  I’m gonna put it with coconut almond milk.  I’m also using my ninja blender cuz I don’t have a frother thing. 😉   here it is!

Vanessa’s Blog

Stretching the Pantry

More of us are “eating in” and trying to make the most of our food budget. So what’s for dinner with what you have on hand? Yep. There’s an app for that. I am loving […]

I Have No Secrets…

… Okay. I may not tell you how old I am. That being said, just yesterday, I received the most wonderful compliment about my skin, and when I shared my age with the person who […]

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