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Ivy Tech Approves Reverse Agreements

Five universities in Indiana have signed reverse transfer agreements with Ivy Tech Community College. Ivy Tech President Sue Ellspermann says the announcement improves Ivy Tech’s goal of issuing 50-thousand certificates, certifications and degrees per year. […]

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  • Supreme Court signals it may uphold President Trump's travel ban
    The Supreme Court Wednesday indicated it agrees with parts of President Trump's travel ban after the third day of oral arguments. CBS News chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford joins CBSN to discuss the response from the court's conservatives and liberal justices, and the potential impact a ruling could have on the power of the presidency.
  • Mitt Romney hits roadblock in race for Senate
    Mitt Romney came in second place at the GOP state convention in Utah, meaning he will face a primary in June. Matt Canham, senior managing editor of The Salt Lake Tribune, joins "Red and Blue" about what this means for Romney.
  • National Review editor: Treatment of politics as entertainment is harming American democracy
    National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg says the destruction of U.S. democracy began long before the Trump presidency. He joins "Red and Blue" to discuss his book, "Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy."

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  • Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fight Song’ is driving some people nuts
    Celebrities perform “Fight Song” for a video played at the Democratic National Convention. It’s Hillary Clinton’s fight song, but some listeners don’t have a lot of fight left in them. Before and after the Democratic nominee takes the stage at rallies, her campaign inevitably plays the 2015 pop hit “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.
  • Rock band Third Eye Blind taunts Republicans at concert during RNC
    The rock band Third Eye Blind frustrated some guests at a charity concert held during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. In tweets posted on the official Third Eye Blind account, the band indicated it was pleased the show upset some in the audience. “I have never been more disappointed,” wrote a Twitter user named […]
  • Adele objects as Trump plays song
    Pop superstar Adele on Monday lodged objections as Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump played her music on the campaign trail. Trump, an apparent fan of Adele who was spotted at her concert in November in New York, has regularly played her hit "Rolling in the Deep" at his rallies. "Adele has not given permission for […]