Special Legislative Session Focus on BSU Takeover of Muncie Schools

The proposed takeover of Muncie Community Schools by  Ball State University is sure to be the most controversial topic in today’s special session of the Indiana Legislature.

Opponents say privatizing schools is not the right way to do things.  Supporters say Muncie Schools needs the expertise of officials from Ball State to be able to stand strong again.

Meanwhile, the bill to make your state tax return line up with the federal form has some Democrats unhappy too. One provision in the Republican tax cut which passed Congress in December lets you use tax-exempt College Choice accounts for tuition at private elementary and high schools. A provision exempting those expenses from state taxes too was added on the final day of the regular session of the General Assembly,  but never came to a vote in the House.

Legislative leaders hope to be able to wrap up all of their unfinished business in just one day.