She Said THIS is her secret to living to 107!

Well I got to say I’m a little relieved since I have yet to do this.  I also read where a woman lived to be over 100 by eating ice cream everyday.  I’m on board with that too.  So Louise says she lived to be 107 from not exercising on the regular or her pretty healthy diet but NOT MARRYING.  Hmm…Goldie Hawn hasn’t married her partner and she looks darn good!  Maybe Louise has the answer to longevity!  What do you think?  G Michaels(pictured above) after divorcing my Grandfather(after 20 years of marriage) swore off men and she’s 94! I’m open to marriage but I’m also good with having   a   life  partner  where  we  travel  the  world  to   find the  best  beaches.


here’s the article

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