“Friends” themed Jewelry: take my money

Is she or he your “Lobster” or do you say “Pivot” everytime you move something?  I love Friends as you know.  I met Monica (while in Napa Valley with TBS to interview the cast of Cougar Town)and almost took a video of me in the stall next to her peeing.  I refrained from following her into the stall or even the bathroom tho.  August 15th Alex and Ani are introducing a new line of Friends themed bracelets.  TAKE MY MONEY.  I’m serious, if they aren’t ridiculous in price, I’m all in.  I noticed their bracelets were around $30 and you can get 15% off your first purchase by signing up for the email program! I like the door peep hole one but the pivot one is awesome too.



here they are!

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