The Phone Hotel

I am always amazed at how ordinary people use ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Last night, at a school open house, I was blown away at one of my son’s teachers, who cleverly repurposed a hanging shoe organizer. Hanging on the wall, right beside the door, was the ‘Phone Hotel.’

The kiddos come into the classroom, drop their phone into the pocket that corresponds with the seating chart, and the phone stays there the entire classroom. They pick up their phones on the way to the next class period. Brilliant! And inexpensive – the perfect classroom hack.

At home, we use a hanging shoe organizer for mittens & gloves (on the inside of the coat closet door – bigger pockets can be for hats/scarves).

We use another hanging shoe organizer in the kids’ bathroom to corral deodorant, hair gel, hairspray, body spray, etc., and use one row for doggie shampoos.

And this school year, I’m going to begin using one in the pantry door with grab-n-go snacks.

TIP: Use the organizers with the clear pockets!

What ordinary things do you use in extraordinary ways? Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for organization inspiration.

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