I’m in love and it’s with….

I didn’t think I could fall in love with an appliance for the kitchen but it’s happened.  It’s an Airfryer.  After googling and finding an unbiased article I bought a Dash Airfryer which is on sale right now for $34.99!  it’s a compact one for us singletons.  I’ve made frozen french fries with NO oil and they are as crispy as the drive thru.  I also like chicken too as seen in my picture!  I marinated it in a sugar free orange ginger marinade and IT WAS SO GOOD.  I also take my fiber one brownie and put it in there with just a spray of cooking spray for 3 minutes…it tastes like heaven!  I cut up potatoes and added a touch of oil and they were amazing too!



I’m in love.



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