Field Trips! YAY!

Remember back in the day when the teacher announced that the class would get to go on a field trip, and how excited everyone got? Didn’t matter where the field trip was, it meant a bus ride, sack lunch – and best of all – NO CLASS!

Anticipation built with the handing out of the permission slips. Who would you sit with on the bus? Would you get the cool mom for your chaperone? Would you & your BFF be in the same group? Oh, you should totally dress alike. Obviously.

Chicken farm (for real), many museums, Carb Day (for physics), metal alloy processing plant (for chemistry, for real), Sears Tower, Detroit, the Wabash Burger Chef… I’ll stop. Starting to feel old.

I got to do a field trip of sorts for the radio station yesterday. No permission slip, no bus ride (thank goodness!), no exotic location, but still fun with friends & friendly faces, and NO OFFICE. But this time, there was homework…