The Last 90 Days of the DECADE…

Hey Y’all,  I’ve decided to join 96,000 of my closest friends and do #last90days where you end the year on a high note!  I’m even in the Facebook group(my 96000 friends) #madeformore who are doing the challenge with Rachel Hollis, author of “Girl, Wash Your Face”(worth the read btw).  It’s so you can thrive.  So there are 5 rules each day:

1.write a list of gratitude

2. Drink 90 ounces of water(which I do!)

3. exercise 30 minutes(which I don’t do, lol)

4. wake up an hour early to dedicate it to yourself

5. give up a type of food or drink.  I feel giving up going to Starbucks is a challenge I need.  I go every single day and purchase a drink at$3.80  that means $26.60 back in my wallet EVERY week.  The thought of not going hurts too.  That would be $300 by December 31 I could spend on something to better myself which is the whole point of the challenge.


I will keep ya updated!  you can join too because it’s FREE.  They send you emails to encourage you. search Rachel Hollis if you’re interested!


Mandi 🙂

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