When A Dollar Is Worth A Million Bucks

I used to do a bit of retail therapy. You know, shop away the sadness. Which led to guilt. And buyer’s remorse. And what started out to help me feel better has actually ended up making me feel worse.

That lasted way too long, before I realized that it just had to stop. Maybe, about once a week, I’ll treat myself to something that makes me smile. But only if it’s somewhere in the $0 – $2 range. That’s it.

Colorful washi tape at a dollar store. A new craftable item from the ‘everything’s a dollar’ store. Or just a stroll around ‘Happy Lobby,’ taking in the sights, sounds, & scents, without a purchase.

Today it was scented markers. $1 + tax. I always wanted them when I was a kid, but never got them. So, I got them a couple of minutes ago, have already used them in my personal planner. They just make me smile. They’ll last just long enough for me to smile every time I use them, and every time I smell them. And every time I think about how I only spent $1 (+ tax). And that’s worth a million bucks to me.

So, how about you? Treat yourself to a smile. And it doesn’t have to cost much.