Prize Pickup Instructions & Directions

You can pick up your prize at 820 S. Pennsylvania Street. You must bring a valid ID! Our promotions department will contact you as soon as tickets/prizes are available for pickup. It’s not uncommon for tickets to arrive 1-2 weeks before a show. We only hold prizes for 14 days after they are won.

Pickup Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Star 106.9 Studios

820 S Pennsylvania St

Marion, IN 46953


Star Studio Hotline: 765.668.6766 | 800.765.1069

 Sales Position Open

General Manager: Joel Pyle 765.664.7396 x103

OM/Program Director: Vanessa Miller 765.664.7396 x102

Webmaster: Kelsey Wylde 765.664.7396 x118

Sales Account Executives:

Jim Brunner – 765-664-7396 x 129

Patti Sevier765.664.7396 x132

Alex Westrick– 765-664-7396 x135

Andy McCord -765-664-7396 x132


Intern with us