Fighting My Inner Fatkid

My inner fatkid will not go away!  Do you have the same problem?  It’s a constant fight with her.  If I have a piece of pizza she wants the WHOLE pizza.  ugh.  I had to make changes to fight her.

Firstly, I have to buy individual sized chips, sweets and more treats.  I buy Skinny Pop from Walmart ($7 for 14) and go to Aldi (18 for 6.99)  Plus it keeps it fresh for a singleton like myself.  You can have Cheetos or chips for 5 points!

Secondly, lettuce wraps are my savior.  I just recently bought a head of lettuce for the first time in my adult life(Gasp!) I thought they just came in bags. lol  The lettuce stays fresher longer this way and it’s cheaper.  I cut into quarters for lettuce wraps and use them as a wedge salad.

Thirdly, I buy bottled water.  It’s a treat. It stays cold and I get all my water in.

Also, I learned to love Non fat Greek yogurt because it’s good on everything and it’s ZERO points.  I make this Funfetti mixture I found on line for fruit dip too.  It’s 1 tbsp Funfetti cake mix($1 at Walmart) 1 tbsp fat free sugar free White Chocolate pudding dry mix, and 1/2 cup of non fat Greek yogurt.  Delish!

Let’s do this!  I’m down almost 30 pounds since March!  Inbox me on Facebook or where ever for a free month to get started or tips!



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