Packing for College & Wayward Water Bottles

With the younger boy going back to school – without a major hitch! – we have now turned our focus on the one that returns to college. And packing. My husband & I know we’ll muscle through it, better than we do when we put together IKEA furniture. (We’re still not sure that’s how the coffee table is really supposed to look.)

To my daughter, we must look crazy. Pack the kitchen stuff together. Pack the office supplies together. Pack the tech together. You get the picture. And label it (that’s all me!). The more orderly you pack, the more orderly you unpack, right?

We’ve yet to get this 100% down, but maybe this final semester…

There are always the things that we need to buy, and for the most part, they’re consumable goods: paper, pens, food, etc. But reusable water bottles? To the folks shopping at Meijer last weekend, our apologies. We scanned the million water bottles, and reusable beverage vessels of all types, and didn’t find anything that really worked. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

At some point, my husband & I looked like we were playing charades and our daughter was trying to guess. We have approximately 732 water bottles at our house, all hiding somewhere, and none of them are usable, according to our daughter. So, why do we still have them?!

And I guess, we’ll be adding one more to the collection, until it gets packed. With the kitchen stuff. Labeled. Cue the ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ theme music, and let the search continue…

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