Treat Yo’self!

You hear alot about self-care, don’t you? You take care of others, but you’re not taking care of yourself. The [correct] theory is that you can give of your best to others if you are not at your best. Kind of like the pitcher needs to be filled up in order to fill the cups.

Meditation, bubble baths, mani-pedis, coffee with the girls, and so on. Self-care is on my to-do list. If I’m being honest, I can feel a little guilty taking a long stretch of time just for myself. Can I spend an entire hour doing something just for me? (And I don’t think semi-annual dental check-ups count)


But, I can do a little bit all day long. I can:

Drink a cup of my favorite hot tea (either chai or Sugar Plum Spice)

Listen to my favorite song (“Overcomer” by Mandisa)

Put a positive affirmation on a Post-It and put it on my computer monitor (You are a MASTERPIECE)

Put a few drops of my favorite essential oil in my diffuser (NOW Foods Nature’s Shield)

Use cocoa butter lotion after I wash my hands (I wash my hands A LOT!)

Wash my hands (why not prevent colds and flu?)

Put in earbuds and listen to a few minutes of a podcast (anything by Rachel Hollis)

Watch a 5 minute TED Talk (Start with these)

Light a scented candle (Any candle from The Red Rooster in Converse, IN)

Put washi tape around my computer monitor (I really need to get more washi tape)

Crochet a gift for someone (I really need more yarn)

Walk around “Happy Lobby” and read all of the decorative signs (especially the Bible verses) and listen to the music

That’s just some of my list of mini-self-cares. What’s on your list?



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