The Reading Pile

Do you have a “reading pile?” Mine’s a stack of books and/or magazines that I’m working my way through – some for the first time, and others for the how-many-eth time. This is the pile that sits on top of my space heater in the living room, next to my favorite chair.

Fall & winter are my favorite seasons to dive into reading. While I read all year long, I tend to devour books during fall & winter, mostly because it’s easier to cozy up and work my way through them after my son & husband go to bed.

I realize that I may be the last person on the planet who hasn’t fully read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, but I just got the book a couple of day ago and read the first four chapters last night. It’s all about the lies we tell ourselves, and how we need to stop believing them, and how to stop believing them. Several passages are highlighted and I can tell you now that this will be a book I reread a billion times.

The next is Love Where You Live by Shauna Pilgreen. It’s not about home décor or anything like that. It’s all about being a missionary in your own community. Living “sent” no matter where you are – that you don’t have to be a missionary in a foreign country to do God’s work. You can work in your own community. I’m about 3 chapters in and am highlighting a bunch. I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of folks in my community.

Down one more on the pile is Staying Stylish from Candace Cameron Bure. I’ve never really been stylish, so I’m hoping to pick up a few pointers. It’s more than just a book about fashion and outer beauty, but also about inner beauty. She has some really expensive items in the book, and some items that I can afford, so not too bad. I do love CCB.

And no reading pile in my home would be complete without, “Country Sampler Magazine.” It’s a must. The Christmas issues are my absolute favorite. I want to try every DIY project in there and I want nearly everything in the magazine for either myself or my mom. We’d really need to add on, though. Pages are dog-eared, items are circled in pen. I’ll look at this magazine nearly every other day.

You won’t see my Bible there. That’s because it’s beside my bed. I like it to be the first book I see in the morning, and the last book I see at night. Always right beside me. Right now, it’s The Books Of The Bible (NIV) which takes out the chapter and verse numbers and reads continuously, like a novel, almost.

What’s on your reading pile at the moment? I’m always looking for a new one to add.

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