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MPD: Man kills dog during argument

A dog was shot and killed in a Marion home Sunday afternoon after an argument between a man and his brother’s girlfriend.

The incident happened at 2:08 p.m. in the 1000 block of W. Fifth St. Thirty-year-old Shawn Burkhart reported that he had been living with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend Mary Schrack for two to three weeks.

Burkhart said Schrack complained that he had not been helping to keep the home clean, among other issues, and a heated argument ensued, according to Marion Police Department Deputy Chief Stephen Dorsey.

During the argument, Burkhart said Schrack’s dog, a seven-year-old pit-bull terrier named Athena, lunged at Burkhart during the argument.

The man said he didn’t feel safe around the dog, so he grabbed his brother’s pistol off the mantle. Burkhart claims the dog bit his right leg above his knee and wouldn’t let go, so he shot the dog. He then fled the residence, according to Dorsey.

Shrack reported she was attempting to put Athena in her crate when Burkhart approached and shot the animal, stating the Burkhart was never even bitten by Athena.

Athena was transported to a medical canine emergency center located within Anderson by the owner. Athena was shortly thereafter pronounced dead.

Burkhart was treated on scene by Marion General Hospital medical personnel.

Due to the statements provided this case was submitted to the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

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