Grant County organizations collaborate to produce ‘Local Business Resource Guide’

The Grant County Economic Growth Council has collaborated with the Marion-Grant County Chamber of Commerce and Gas City Area Chamber of Commerce to create an e-book full of local resources, contacts and information for Grant County entrepreneurs, according to a Growth Council news release.

The Local Business Resource Guide provides a comprehensive list of local organizations, professional services, and business resources in areas such as business planning, legal and accounting expertise, marketing, etc.

This e-book has been updated to feature new resources for networking and raising capital—two of the pillars of entrepreneurship and small business development.

In 2016, the Growth Council created a “Small Business Pocket Guide”, which included local entrepreneurial resources in a compact, 3by5 paper format. In 2018, however, the Growth Council collaborated with the Chambers to produce an electronic version, resulting in this current e-book that is continually being updated with the most relevant resources Grant County.

The updated Resource Guide now features information regarding the Indiana Humanities Grant Program, a grant program that provides funding to Indiana nonprofit organizations, schools, and other institutions. The Resource Guide also connects readers with the Indiana Arts Commission, which funds Indiana Arts organization projects. Finally, the Resource Guide now offers information to the Cambridge Capital Management Corp., which offers long-term, fixed-rate financing.

The Local Business Resource Guide is a go-to resource for new and expanding businesses in Grant County. The e-book provides direct contact information to local accounting and law firms that offer 1-hour free consulting sessions for entrepreneurs.

Find the Local Business Resource Guide on any of the three organization’s websites, the Grant County Economic Growth Council, Marion-Grant County Chamber of Commerce, and Gas City Area Chamber of Commerce. View the resource guide here.