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City of Marion announces new requirement for rental property owners

The following is a press release from the City of Marion.

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the City of Marion requires all residential rental properties, rooming houses, apartment buildings, and commercial hotels within city limits to submit an Application for Registration Receipt with the Building Department.

Notices are being mailed out to property owners who fit into the category. Owners may go ahead and submit applications prior to receiving the mailing.

The notice contains the following information:

“As stated in General Ordinance 12 – 2019, Article XII, Section (a) “No owner of real estate within the City of Marion shall permit the real estate to be leased for any purpose that includes any person using the premises as their living quarters until a registration receipt covering each rental unit in the building has been obtained. If any property is being sold on contract and or quick claim deed, owner shall provide a copy of the recorded contract and or quick claim deed to the Building Department to avoid responsibility for registration.

Section (b) “A registration receipt shall be obtained by applying for the receipt at the Marion City Building Department and by paying an annual registration fee for a parcel of real estate upon which a rental unit(s) is located or an annual registration fee for each hotel or rooming house. The initial registration fee shall be submitted at the time application is made. At the time the application is made, the owner of the real estate shall supply the Building Department with the name of the owner, physical address of the owner, street address of the property being registered, the nature of the rental building and number of units, the use to which the purpose of this Code Article, and the name and physical address of any property manager. The owner of a property whose physical address is not within the State of Indiana must appoint an agent or property manager residing within thirty (30) miles of the property. The failure to appoint an agent or property manager is a separate violation. An agent must be [at least] twenty one (21) years of age. The agent or property manager must be available to government officials by telephone twenty four (24) hours a day. The owner’s failure to make certain that such an agent or property manager is available and maintains the property is a five hundred dollar ($500.00) civil penalty for each parcel in violation. Post office box numbers are not acceptable.”

The deadline is April 1, 2020 to register a rental property or face a penalty of $500.00 for each day beyond the deadline date for each property.

Registration forms are available in the Building Department (3rd floor of City Hall) or downloadable from our website.

The fee is $5 per property which is good for one calendar year.

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