40 pounds gone and 40 things I learned…

Hey there, it’s a new year new you so I thought I’d share what I learned losing 40 pounds off my petite stature(5 foot nothing)

40.) I literally avoided stairs because it was going DOWN the stairs that hurt my knees. now for the most part my knees don’t hurt after losing 40 pounds

39.) eat the doughnut but count it.

38.) if you cheat count it, go in the negative and eat less the rest of the week to meet your weekly calorie goal or points for me on WW. It works!  I lost 2 pounds that week.

37.) vegetables are so good when they are fresh.

36.) buy fresh cilantro.  delish

35.) measure EVERYTHING

34.) count every bite lick and taste

33.) limit your meals out per week

32.) drink half your body weight in water

31.)Everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s (on amazon) is the best.

30.) keep hard boiled eggs in the work fridge for when you’re hungry.

29.) treat yo self to a massage> food

28.)plan what you’ll eat days in advance (I work ahead in the WW app)

27.) 2% cheese tastes just as good as the regular

26.) speaking of cheese, goat cheese is so flavorful, I can use a 1/2 an ounce for 1 point and it’s great!

25.) Bolthouse ranch. the. best. ranch.

24.) Ole Extreme Wellness Spinach Wrap. 1 pt. 50 calories. so good!(walmart)

23.) for Mexican, the Tumaros Low-in-carb Wraps SO GOOD.(walmart or Meijer)

22.) G. Hughes sugar free Ketchup, BBQ sauce and marinades are SO GOOD.


20.) skip breakfast if I’m not hungry then I eat lunch early at 11. cuts the calories for the day.

19.) Poppables  from Lays

18.) carry snacks like poppables, almonds, and fiber one brownies for example

17.) Fiber one fudge brownie in the air fryer. amaze.

16.) grilled frozen peaches(thawed) with cinnamon and a tbsp of sugar free syrup

15.) almond milk.

14.) writing points down BEFORE I eat it.

13.) scanning EVERYTHING before I buy it.  Did you know more than 3 tbsp of soy sauce has a point??? you’d be surprised.  Being surprised after you eat it sucks.

12.) weigh yourself everyday.  I used to say no to this but it does hold you accountable and take it with a grain of salt you’re going to fluctuate some.

11.) Cauliflower.  riced. steamed. mix it with regular rice.  it’s free on WW.

10.) find a good fitting pair of jeans (I love the petite skinny rockstar jeans from Old Navy)

9.) find a goal.  I am now trying to get down another middle number before my birthday on 2.22

8.) don’t focus too much on the stupid scale number, how do you feel? how do you look?

7.) I can stand on concrete for 6 hours doing my sidehustle without needing Ibuprofen for my feet!

6.) One of the last things G Michaels said to me was “your pants are too big” oh and stop eating so many doughnuts. lol. (I only had two Puffs from Poppy’s) She was so proud of me. I was proud she was proud of me.

5.) celebrate the weight loss BUT NOT WITH FOOD.  I ordered my first fix from Stichfix for my Bday.

4.) when eating out enjoy the company, you’ll eat less.

3.) use the fork method for salad dressing.  dip and then take a bite!

2.) don’t eat everything at a work pitch in, sometimes I’d bring my own healthy side.

1.) take a before and after and ENJOY how far you’ve come.

I’ve done A LOT of diets, keto, whole 30 and more.  For  me WW always works.  I can have my cake and eat it too.  If I cut out a food I just want it more.  I LOVE food.  I love healthy and bad food. I don’t discriminate! ha ha.


good luck!


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