County, state primary election filing round-up

The filing deadline has officially come and gone for Grant County candidates seeking local office.
At the county-level, it’s dominated by Republicans with four seeking the Superior Court 3 seat and a race of two for both the recorder and treasurer seats.
The lone Democrat in the race is David Gault, whose challenging Mark Bardsley for the District 2 County Commissioner seat.
Five are vying for a County Council At-Large seat.
For state-wide elections, two Republicans and two Democrats, including Incumbent Gov. Eric Holcomb, are running for the governorship.
It’s also a very crowded race for the US Representative District 5 seat, there are 14 Republicans running and five Democrats.
For the State representative seats. In District 18, Republicans Russell Reahard and Craig Snow are facing off. The democrat in that race is Chad Harris.
For District 30, Rep. Mike Karikoff is facing Dem. Dylan McHenry, while Rep. Ann Vermilion is the lone District 31 candidate.
For District 32, Rep. Tony Cook and Rep. Daniel Bragg are facing off. The lone Democrat is Amie Neiling.

The full list of county-wide candidates

Judge Superior Court 1: (R) Jeff Todd
Judge Superior Court 3: (R) Jarred Eib, (R) David Glickfield III, (R) Brian McLane and (R) Jason McVicker.
County Recorder: (R) Kathy Foy and (R) Roberta “Bobbie” Solms.
County Treasurer: (R) Tiffany Griggith and (R) Richard Jarvis III.
County Surveyor: (R) James Todd.
County Commissioner District 1: (R) Ron Mowery, Sr.
County Commissioner District 2: (R) Mark Bardsley and (D) David Gault.
County Council Member-At-Large: (R) Shane Middlesworth, (R) Jonathan Perez, (R) Chuck Poling, (R) Mike Roorbach and (R) Chris Tarlton.
Precinct Committeemen
Center 2: (R) Janet Pearson
Center 9: (R) Reggie Nevels, Sr.
Center 10: (R) Tiffany Griffith
Center 12: (R) Bryce Coryea
Center 15: (R) Belinda Hussong
Center 17: (R) Mike Roorbach
Center 18: (R) Cathy Shinholt Lyons
Franklin 4: (R) James McWhirt
Franklin 5: (R) Mark Bardsley
Jefferson 1: (R) Larry Stump
Mill 2: (R) P. David Huffman
Mill 3: (R) Pam Rickey
Mill 6: (R) Kathy Foy
Mill 7: (R) Patrick Savage and (R) Brandy Swanner.
Mill 9: (R) Dennis Banks
Monroe: (R) Kenneth Yocum
Pleasant 1: (R) Lori Goss-Reaves
Pleasant 4: (R) David Glickfield III
Pleasant 6: (R) Richard Jarvis III and (R) Jerry Shull.
Washington 2: (R) Tresa Baker and (R) Steve Henderson.
Washington 4: (R) Ron Mowery, Sr.
State Convention Delegates
Republican At-Large: Tresa Baker, Steve Henderson, Cathy Shinholt Lyons, Kevin Lyons, James McWhirt, Darren Reese and Larry Stump.
Republican, District 1: Gary Baker, Cullen Gibson, Mary Gibson, Loris Goss-Reaves, Richard Kenneth Hart, Ashley Hurd and Richard Jarvis III.
Republican, District 2: Adrienne Rines Hammond, P. David Huffman, Derrek McKay, Chuck Poling and Mike Roorbach.
Republican, District 3: Pam Rickey, Gregory Thompson and Greg Rickey.
Democratic, At-Large: Susan Althouse, Don Batchelor, Robin Fouce, Patricia Gibson, Evan Gilmore, Brandon Houser, Lynn Johnson, Thomas Roop, Joselyn Whitticker and Torri Williams.

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