4-Way Stops & Animal Webcams

Right about now, you’re wondering how 4-way stops and animal webcams go together. Follow me on this little trip. It’ll pay off.

My drive in to work each day (yes, most radio people are considered ‘essential’ and we come in to work each day), I have two 4-way stops. Most days (pre-COVID-19), there would be a logjam and lots of people who all wanted to go all at the same time. My evil stare got quite the workout.

Today, on the way to work, I met very few cars at those 4-way stops. And everyone was waving everyone else to go first. First, thank you for staying safe at home if you don’t have to be out. Second, I’ve never seen such kindness and courtesy. It might seem like a small thing, but it’s not to me, and it’s definitely a change from just a few weeks ago.

I hope that after the pandemic passes that we still cling to our kindness and courtesy.

In some small way, here’s my way of paying forward the kindness I’ve been shown on the way to and from work – in a way that you can stay home and stay safe, and social distance.

Here are a ton of animal webcams for you to enjoy. Share your faves with someone you love. Keep the kindness going!

#stayhomestaysafe #safeathome


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