#10poundchallenge: finding alternatives

Ok, this past weekend I about got on the bypass in Marion to use my Culvers’ buy one get one free coupon for a concrete mixer.  but  I didn’t.  I made sugar free fat free chocolate pudding instead.  I added a few semi sweet chocolate chips, Reese’s Reddi Whip(so worth it) and PB2 powder (not great but isn’t bad with the reddi whip).


You have to scroll through Pinterest and find alternatives.  That’s when I found the banana muffins I posted yesterday.  I wanted a drink last Saturday but instead added lime to my water.   Honestly, me talking to you about the #10poundchallenge whether you are playing along at home or not has helped.  I thought, I’d be embarrassed if ya’ll saw me eat two concrete mixers or didn’t lose weight! Weight loss is extremely hard right now.  We think we are getting our cardio running to the fridge but the snacks outweigh the walk! 😉


I think holding myself accountable with this blog is extremely helpful.  Consistency is the next point I’d like to make.  You have to keep going or it won’t work. If you built the foundation to your house and stopped…there would be no house.  You have to go till the roof is on!  Ok you’re not a house. Did that analogy even work?  I digress.  You have to be faithful.  Last week I lost only one pound, I was livid.  This week I lost 3.1!!!  That’s when I say to look at averages.  How much did you lose in 4 weeks? I bet if you were consistent that would equal 8-10 pounds!  That’s a healthy weight loss. Trust me, if you lose it fast you’ll gain it back quickly.  I’ve been chubby since I came out of my Mama’s womb…so I know!




I caved after this was written.  I got on the bypass and ended up at Culvers.  I feel a bit of shame and dissappointment. However, I’m glad I got it out of my system, somethings you need to cheat!  Now you get back on the wagon.  What I try to do is take away 2-3 points everyday to make up for it.  It’s all about balance.


Hope some of this helps you




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