The “Normal” List

To paraphrase Dave Hollis (the divine Rachel Hollis’ husband), it’s time to start thinking about what to add back to our “normal.”

Pre-pandemic, I was barely keeping my head afloat with commitments from my spiritual life, family life, and work life. There was no balance, and all I could see on the horizon were more anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, and plenty of guilt for not being able to “do it all” like every supermom on social media does.

Now that things are starting to open up, it’s time for us to look at what we love right now, maybe some of the things we had no room for when it was “normal.” It’s time to look at what we didn’t like, but were choosing to be a part of our lives (for some unknown reason) which we haven’t really missed at all.

I’m a lister, so my list looks simple enough that I should be able to keep it going.

Keep: Family dinner. I love everyone sitting down together to eat a home cooked meal.

Keep: Game night. Including karaoke night. We don’t need to play for hours. Just a few rounds of Scattergories will do.

Toss: Overscheduling. If I leave 10 minutes early from this, I’ll only be 15 minutes late for this. BS. Not gonna do it any more. I need to make choices – and some activities or meetings will just have to go away.

Toss: Overthinking success. I need to really drill down on what success really means to me – what it looks like & how to know when I’m there. Tons of stuff, tons of money, or tons of experiences with my loved ones. Def #3

Toss: “Mom Guilt” – if you’re a mom, you’re familiar with this. It’s on my list. It’s a goal. None of us can be “perfect” moms, but we sure do feel awfully guilty when we don’t meet our self-imposed impossible standards.

Donate: My time and my talents to my church and to my favorite charities. If I’m not overscheduled, and I know I’ll have to make sure I don’t overcommit with this, I should have time to help, bring joy, and be more spiritually balanced.

So, what’s on your list? Keep. Toss. Donate. Here’s to the “new normal” being even better than the old one!

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