Be your own advocate

For years I was G Michael’s advocate.  I fought hard to get her the care she deserved at the nursing home.  I fought for her to get her hair done.  I fought to get her clothes reimbursed when they went missing.  I put money in her account so she could get her hair done weekly.  So why did I let my own issues go on the back burner???


I think therapy is so important.  Life is so HARD. I have talked about my anxiety. What I don’t share is my chronic Depression.   I am that happy person trying to make you laugh on the radio but at home I’m a real person with a real disease that I used to hide. I think it’s important to share, especially now.  Covid -19 has added a huge amount of stress on us all.  If you didn’t have some form of Depression, you might now.  Talking to someone who is outside your bubble is SO IMPORTANT.  They can see things you can’t.  I called a few facilities and was told my insurance wouldn’t cover me for therapy until I hit $1,000. Well shoot, that’s enough to make your anxiety worse!!!

I heard on the radio, Star106.9 😉 that Wabash Friends Counseling center had a local place in Marion.  So I thought I’d call and see how much their sliding scale would be and just on a crazy whim asked if my insurance covered the visits.  She said yes, it would be a $30 co pay.  WHAT!? so I’ve been not going to therapy because two places said I wasn’t covered.  I called my insurance today.  I never really thought to be my own advocate and call myself.  Apparently it’s all in how it’s billed.  If it’s an office visit it’s covered.  Since the other places were associated with a hospital, it has to meet that deductible!  I also found out there is a $10 telehealth visit.  Basically you could do an hour session but it would be a different therapist each time.  Still an option I had no clue I was paying for on each of my checks when I paid my insurance premium.

I always remember my Grandma, G Michaels when she chipped her dentures.  She had a front tooth chipped for months because she was sure it was gonna cost an arm and a leg.  Guess what? That chipped tooth was fixed for something like $30.


Fight for your health.  Be your own advocate.  We get one life.  We both deserve to be happy.



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