Meet my little man!

Hey friends!

I talk about my dog Stiles on the radio a lot! And I realized I haven’t even shown him to you guys!

Without further ado- Let me introduce you to my little man Stiles. Stiles is a 6 year old Australian Cattle dog. My sister actually brought Stiles home to foster him. Well needless to say, I fell in love with the little dude and decided to take him in as my own. Stiles started off very shy and timid. I’m talking- he would poop after you held him because he was so nervous. He even pretended that he didn’t know how to go up and down stairs because he wasn’t fully trusting yet.

Fast forward years. Stiles is my loyal silly buddy. He’s silly, and inquisitive, food motivated, and is the cutest when he gets the zoomies! He lives in Kokomo here with me and serves as my guard dog! I love him and I would be so sad if he wasn’t here with me!