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Lakeview Christian School plans transition to K-8 only and close the high school

Officials with Lakeview Christian School have decided to close the high school, transitioning to a K-8 school, instead.

According to Head of School Justin Simos, the decision was made after going through the process of renewing accreditation with The Association of Christian Schools International. At that time, school officials began looking over their strengths and challenges.

Although Lakeview does adhere to program requirements for the high school, officials felt their solution to the challenge of providing certain programs was not the best way to serve their students. Simos explained that the high school currently provides Advanced Placement and dual-credit classes through a third-party online provider, but officials feel these classes would be better taught in person. Bearing this in mind, Simos said officials made the decision to focus on their strength as a K-8 school and help older students move to schools that catered more to certain graduation pathways.

According to Simos, the change will impact approximately 44 students. Simos declined to comment on how many staff members would be affected, stating that they are working to retain as many staff members as possible.

Lakeview closed grades 6-12 once before, according to the school website, following financial hardship, declining enrollment and the discovery that a ministry employee had embezzled money. Afterwards, the organization worked to restore one grade level each year. Previous reports state Lakeview began offering all grade levels on campus in 2016.

Simos said neither reopening the high school nor expanding K-8 class sizes are included in the school’s five-year plan.

Simos said school officials want to do whatever they can to help make the transition an easy one, noting that one counselor even offered to go with families to various schools in hopes of finding a good fit.

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