Sade Celebrates Another Trip Around The Sun

Sade is turning 64 today, believe it or not! The British-Nigerian singer is an example of classic subdued glamour. She’s never had to do too much to show who she is or stay relevant, even today. It was announced in 2022 that Sade was working on new music, and fans from every age range were beyond excited. She and the band (both culturally referred to as Sade) created hits that have influenced the sounds of our favorite contemporary artists today.

Many don’t know that she attended the prestigious Central Saint Martins (then known as Saint Martin’s School of Art) for fashion design before she started singing and taking music seriously. Consequently, that fashion background no doubt inspired her personal style and everyday creative process as well. Today, we see the impact of Sade’s style through the likes of Zoë Kravitz’s street style and minimalist cool girls alike. Tailored suits, well-fitting jeans, lots of knitted sweaters, denim on denim, all-black looks, slick back hair, and a red lip never did her wrong. She dons these types of looks to this day. She’s forever a fashion icon!


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